Trying to rank athletes of any sport is always challenging. In part, it’s because people tend to have differences of opinion. What may rank as number one to someone, could end up lower for another. In some cases, they may not even make it to the list. When it comes to ranking boxers, this is no exception. Boxing has produced some of the most entertaining, exhilarating and memorable fights in history. Choosing which of all these are the greatest is very difficult. That’s because there are so many of them to pick from.

Sugar Ray Robinson: If one was to rank boxers based on records alone, then Sugar Ray Robinson wins. His 175-19-6-2 is by far the most impressive. In addition, he also had 109 knockouts to his name. Looking over his stats and accomplishments provide ample proof why he is one of the best ever.

Muhammad Ali: No boxer in history has made a more profound impact on the sport than Ali. There have been numerous movies and documentaries on his life and career. His record stood at 55-5 and 37 knockouts. However, it was his personality, heart and personal issues which made him the icon that he is today.

Joe Louis: Being able to hold onto his title longer than anyone in history is just one stat that makes Joe a top boxer. He held his title for almost 12 years and even retired as a champion. His record is exemplary at 68-3 and 54 knockouts.

Mike Tyson: Notoriety and personal problems both helped and sank Iron Mike. In his prime, Tyson destroyed every boxer who stepped into the ring with him. But once he lost his longtime mentor and trainer Cuss D’Amato, everything when downhill from there. Mike became the youngest heavyweight boxer to win the title when he was 20.

Roberto Duran: There was a reason they nicknamed this boxer ‘Hands of Stone.’ Roberto was a knockout machine having put down 70 of his opponents. He also won titles in the Lightweight, Welterweight, Junior Middleweight and Middleweight divisions.