It is very hard not to see commercials or hear news about the NCAA and the final four tournaments. While these are matters which are well-known to many sports fans, to others not so much. They wonder what all the fuzz is about. For them, March Madness is not a phrase they understand or wait for with such anticipation. The NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It refers to the organization which regulates college basketball. Not only that, the non-profit organization is in charge of making sure all athletes follow the rules. That includes all 1,268 conferences and North American intuitions.

The NCAA takes care of numerous programs that belong to universities and colleges. They include those in the United States and Canada. The organization is needed since there are more than 480,000 students and athletes under its umbrella. NCAA raked in over 1.06 billion in revenue last year which makes it very lucrative. Because of that, plenty can go wrong when it comes to student-athletes. After all, some of them go on to play in the NBA. Professional teams and those affiliated to it, are prohibited by the NCAA from trying to ‘buy’ potential players.

It is the NCAA’s job and core purpose, to oversee the entire tournament. They are responsible for keeping the games safe and fair. In addition, players are held to high standards and need to behave in a sportsmanlike manner. When it comes to the final four, that takes place as follows. Every year, the 68 teams in the NCAA play one another. These are one-time single-elimination games featuring Division I college basketball and NCAA teams. The final four consists of the last four teams out of all these 68. This is where the March Madness moniker comes from as the games last for the entire month.

The entire final four or March Madness tournament is quite popular. All games are televised and draw a large number of spectators. Coincidentally, millions of people spend months trying to guess which teams make it to the final four accurately. Doing so can earn someone millions in prizes. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why the final four causes so much craziness and anticipation.